Quirky Fitness Tips

We’ve all heard about the benefits of exercise already so here are some quirky, light hearted Fitness Tips for your Monday! 

Pick one you like and see if you can apply it this week:

1.Work out in the morning. Before your brain figures out what you are doing!

2. Invest in some ‘feel good’ activewear. This will give you a confidence boost and inspire you for your workouts. Treat yourself!

3. Find a running buddy. Take turns to tell stories to distract you from the pain, and make you go further and faster.

4. Don’t run. Ok, controverisal to the 3rd point. But what this means is that running is not the only way to get ‘fit’. If you hate it, don’t force it. 

5. If you go to fitness classes, choose a spot right at the front and centre, or in front of the mirror. You showed up. Be proud. Own it!

6. Take your meeting around the block. Instead of meeting your colleague or friend at the cafe, meet at the park and go for a wander.

7. Be a kid again. Jump on the playground. It can be exciting no matter your age! Lighthearted fun is great as you don’t even realise you’re exercising.

8. Some days you eat a salad and go to the gym. Other days you eat donuts and don’t get out of bed. That’s a good balance. 

9. Need workout motivation? Pretend you are a superhero training for your next battle. This will get you going hard.

10. Embrace the foam roll. A great tool for relieving tight knots. It can be truly brutiful (brutal + beautiful)

Thank you Kyra, Joe, William and Alaina for your contributions.

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