Training? How do I fuel my body for it?

So your training is going good. You are consistent with your workouts and noticing some progress. Great!

But how are you fueling your body before and after training? Is there something you can do to get more out of your session? This week we talk about your pre/post training nutrition.

Firstly, a quick overview of our three macronutrients. These are the three main components of your diet:

1. Carbs: The body’s main source of energy.

2. Proteins: Provide building blocks for muscle and cell strucutre. 

3. Fats: Required for making hormones, absorbing vitamins and regulating metabolism.

All three are required for a healthy balanced diet. 

What do we need before our training?

Pre-Training Nutrition:

We all want to get the best out of our training session. Whether that be climbing, gym workout, pilates or running, we need to fuel our body with the right nutrients. 

Because carbs offer us with the most available energy, we want to eat food rich in carbs before our training. We also need a moderate amount of protein and a small amount of fats to best faciliate our body. 

Meal Ideas:

– Greek yoghurt with berries, banana and muesli

– Banana with peanut butter on toast

– Energy balls full of protein powder, oats, honey, dates

– Fruit Smoothie 

How soon before training should I eat?

I would recommend eating 1-2 hours before your session. Avoid eating immediately before a workout, to let your body digest the nutrients you have put in. This window is a bit different for everyone so trial what works best for you.

What do we need after our training? 

Post-Training Nutrition

So your body has just had a tough session. We now need to know what to fuel it to supply your body with the tools to repair, recover and build muscle.

Meal Ideas:

– Protein Shake

– Protein Bar

– Roast chicken with vegetables and pasta

– Fish with sweet potato and rice

– Avocado salsa with rice cakes and eggs

How soon after training should I eat?

I would recommend having food straight after your workout, within an hour. This way the body is primed to recieve the nutrients required. It is a good idea to plan your post-training meal beforehand. Once again, it is different for individuals so take note on what works for you.

Our bodies’ most effective time at burning carbohydrates, is within a five hour window around exercise. So if your training takes one hour, then you will usilise your carbs most effectively within two hours before or two hours after. This is particularly helpful if you would like to maintain weight. Have your most carb dense meal of the day within your training window. 

Please note, the above guidelines are designed for those that want to have the right nutrients to perform best during training, and recover well post training. If you are after something specific like weight loss or have dietary requirements, please consult a nutritionist before making drastic changes. 

Take Home Note: Eat mostly carbs before training and mostly protein after training.

Thank you to nutritionist and climber Alaina Morrison at for this weeks’ contributions. 

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