How to stop comparing yourself

We all do it. Even if we don’t realise it at first.

It is extremely hard in this modern world to not compare ourselves to anyone. A quick scroll through social media is enough to do this. You will be shown that everyone else is looking hot in their new activewear, boarding the plane for an exotic holiday, or making vegan smoothie bowls with flowers in them. 

But just remember, their photos on Instagram is their highlight reel. It is a small glimpse at their best moments they are living. They aren’t going to post photos of them upset in their PJs, bingeing on KFC in their car. Remind yourself of this, and it can help you stop comparing your current moment to their best moments. Afterall, we are probably only scrolling through because we are bored and filling in some time. So naturally, this is the worse time to be comparing yourself as you aren’t exactly full of excitement at this time. 

And it isn’t just social media we have to be careful of. Industries in fitness, health, travel are all aimed to make you feel like you need their products/services, because at the moment you aren’t good enough. The beauty industry is only successful because they make you feel like you are ugly. In the UK, the depression rate has risen 70% in the last 20 years. Many people are blaming social media and advertising for this. How you feel about yourself is directly corelated to your menal health. But if we let social media and advertising take over, we will constantly feel not good enough.

Initially I didn’t think I was able to help people with this issue, as I am guilty of feeling this way quite often. But, over the years I have put some strategies in place that have helped my self-confidence.  I would like to share some with you:

: Take note that you may be scrolling aimlessly. Just recognize this is what you are doing. Do you prefer to do something else with your time?

2. Boredom: Acknowledge that you could be scrolling because you are simply bored. There is nothing wrong with this. We all do it! But if it makes you feel worse then this is an issue.

3. Make it a Positive: Unfollow people who are constantly making you feel rubbish. Choose to follow people/pages who focus on inner health and mental wellbeing. (Or just have funny, lighthearted images that make you laugh.) For me, I try to follow people who are inspirational climbers or pilates instructors. That way I can feel motivated in a positive way.

4. Distract Yourself: Have a go-to hobby that doesn’t involve using your phone when you are bored.

5. Digital Detox: Go phone-free for an hour, or two.

6. Take a Nature Pill: My advice for a lot of things! Being out in the greenery will relax your mind. It will bring you to the present moment.

I hope a few of those relate to you, and are helpful. At the end of the day, there will always be someone or something telling you that you aren’t good enough. We cannot control this. However, we do have control over how we react to it all, and what we choose to believe.

Take Home Note: Focus on your self-confidence and mental health. This is really all that matters!