Stay Fit while Travelling!

It is not easy to stay fit while you are out and about exploring a new place. Usually you may walk more than usual, but you probably eat more than usual too. Our normal weekly routines are out of whack. We don’t get the luxury of having our local gym or space to work out. 

As well as this, our sleep patterns can be interrupted as you move through different time zones or sleep in unfamiliar beds. We may not get quality sleep, which affects our lack of motivation to exercise. There is nothing wrong with living in the moment and enjoying your holiday. But, for some of us, we may come back home and feel like we aren’t as fit or strong as before. 

Get creative!

Here are a few simple tips to help you stay as fit as you can while travelling:

1. Bring your FitBit: Or whichever watch/app you can get that will track your activity levels. The simple act of having them with you will remind you about staying fit during your travels. Set your goals high!

2. Walk and Explore: This is similar to number 1. Walk as much as you can! You will see more and experience the hustle and bustle or scenery of a new place. Usually when we are excited, exploring, and having fun, we don’t need to think about how many steps we are doing.

3. Stretch on Board: Ok you may look and feel a bit silly, but stretching on a long-haul flight will help your bloodflow and prevent you from getting stiff and sore. Find simple movement exercises you can do (discreetly) from your seat, or in the aisles. Even walking up and down and doing some joint circles will help you loosen up.

4. Resistence Bands: Pick up a few bands at the physio or sport stores before your travels. These things are amazing! You can work almost every muscle group with resistence bands. If you find the right exercises for you, it can actually be surpsingly fatiguing. If you are unsure what to do, there are plenty of YouTube videos to show you. I have linked my favourite one for you below. I have done Band Workouts at the airport, and even on the plane before. You may feel a bit silly at first but it is totally worth it!

5. Opt for Activities: While deciding what to do on your next adventure, try to encorporate as many physical activities as possible. Hiking, bike tours, skiing, climbing, flying fox are great options.

6. Get a gym pass: If you are more of an indoor gym junkie, and prefer routine, then find the nearest gym and ask them for a trial or a concession pass. Go hard, smash your workout and then get on with your day of exploring again. Go when your travel buddies are sleeping/relaxing, so you don’t feel like you are missing out on any action.

7. Workout Videos: Download other workout videos such as Yoga, Pilates, or Circuits that don’t require any equipment, before you travel. You can put this on in the park, hostel, or wherever convenient! I’ve attached a sample of a Pilates workout below

8. Supportive Buddies: If staying fit is important to you whilst travelling, then let your travel buddies know of this before you plan your trip. If they know that exercise is something you want to keep at, then you can plan your trip accordingly. They also will be more understanding if you nip away to do a workout or find a playground to do exercises! Even better, you can get them on board too.

Band Workout for your travels

7min Pilates Workout

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