How to get back into it

Whether you have taken a few weeks, months, or even years off, it is never too late to get back into climbing. 

Here are some things to consider before you dive right in:

1. Why now? Have a think about what has changed in your life for you to have the desire to get back into climbing. Is it that you have more time now, or you miss hanging with your climbing friends? Do you miss getting that forearm pump after battling your way up the climbing wall? Is it for fitness/health reasons? 

2. What do I expect? Consider how long it has been since you were climbing consistently. Do you want to get back to your grade after a few weeks? Will you be okay with finding out your climbing friends have surpassed your grade? Do you plan to commit to regular weekly sessions? Nut out what you want to achieve, and make a timeline of when you want to achieve these by.

3. Be Realistic. Your body takes time to adjust to changes. Don’t be too haste and overcommit to climbing more than your body can cope with. Remember, rest is important to give your muscles time to build and recover. You could start with once a week for the first month, then increase to 2-3 in the next month. After the second month, add in complimentary exercise to help you ease into it, such as running, biking, Pilates, strengthening at the gym.

4. Find a buddy. A great way to keep going climbing is if you have a reliable climbing buddy. Find someone who is motivated, and you enjoy spending time with. You will more likely go climbing if you know your buddy is waiting for you to belay them, or if you planned to complete a training session together. 

5. Keep it fun! If you don’t enjoy something, you won’t stick with it. Make climbing feel like playtime!