How to set your climbing goal

How to set your climbing goal

Firstly, apologies for my absence lately. But I got a sudden rush of inspiration today, so want to share something with you.

Goal setting has been a game changer to my climbing. 

This is for you if you are into the sport of climbing, but you don’t feel you have much direction or progress.

Maybe you don’t want to appear too competitive if you have a goal. Maybe you lack the confidence to commit to a goal. Maybe you don’t feel you have climbed long enough to warrant one. 

But deep down, we all can feel proud of achieving something important to us. We all deserve to work towards something meaningful. We all want to improve. 

So, how do I set my goal? Grab a pen, notepad and a comfy seat.

It’s time to be competitive with yourself.

1. Firstly, let’s decide on what gets you most excited about climbing. What aspect of climbing do you enjoy the most? Is it mastering a new technique? Is it being able to show your friends a video of you crushing a boulder problem? Is it standing on a podium? Maybe it is helping your fitness and strength. Your goal should relate to this. Jot down what comes to mind.

2. Now we have figured out what gets you excited, we need to figure out your WHY. Write down why this makes you excited. Be brutally honest with yourself. Take your time.

3. Very good. You’ve made it to step 3. We now have outlined what makes you most excited about climbing, and why. Now you can set a goal encompassing this. Write down 3-5 goals you want to achieve within your climbing that relates to steps 1 and 2. Be specific.

4. Number these goals in priority order. Which is MOST important to you NOW? Which gets you MOST excited? Circle your top 2.

5. Next to your top 2, write down your time frames. How long do you realistically need to achieve this? 1 month, 3 months, 6 months? Challenge yourself here. If you think you can achieve this goal in a month, don’t write 2 months. On the other hand, if you know that achieving this goal in a month is an unhealthy stress on your mind/body, and time, then extend your time frame. 

6. Put it in a sentence.

– My goal is to climb a grade 22 in the gym by November 30th 2019.
– My goal is to climb all the V4’s/Red boulder problems in the gym by January 1st  2020.
– My goal is to achieve a top 10 placing in the climbing competition held on March 28th 2020.

7. Great! Now you have 2 solid goals in place. Decide if you want to just focus on one for now, or keep the other as a secondary goal at the same time. 

8. Finally, next to your solid goal, write down how you will feel if you achieve this goal.

– I will feel so proud if I can climb a grade 22 in the gym as I have been stuck on grade 20 for 3 years. I will feel like I pushed myself and put in the effort to improve.
– I will feel like a well rounded climber if I can climb all the V4’s/Reds in the gym. I will feel like I worked on my weaknesses, instead of just doing what i’m good at. This will give me more confidence with my variety of skills.
– I will feel absolutely thrilled if I gain top 10 in my climbing competition. I have never set a placing goal previously, and I will feel confident in my training sessions. I want to prove to my friends and family that they can achieve their goals too.

9. Refer back to this if you feel you are going through a hard time or a plateau. This can help your confidence and refresh why you want to achieve your goal.

Enjoy the journey!

I achieved my goal of 1st place at National Combined Climbing Competition 2019