A brief intro:

My name is Cirrus (yes, like the cloud). I am a 26 year old Asian lady born and raised in beautiful New Zealand

When I was 13, I was introduced to Rock Climbing. I experienced such a different feeling from any other sport I had participated in before. I soon realised, climbing wasn’t only amazing for my mental/physical strength, it was my only true escape. The only time I could be free from my ego, worries, and stresses.
Once I turned 15, I bought myself a gym membership. I researched a lot, and started writing my own training/diet programs. I was fascinated by the potential of the human body.
How do we best fuel our bodies? How does our body like to move? Will this bring happiness?
That’s how it all started.

So follow along!
I will add training videos for you to check out, most of what you can do in your own home with minimal equipment.
If you are after some specific help, please check out Coaching https://chicksnchalk.blog/coaching/ to see how I can help you